“Dr. Croucher provides outstanding care for his patients. He really listens and individualizes his treatment approach for you. Dr. Croucher had brought me relief from years of neck, back and leg pain. I highly recommend his practice for anyone in need of excellent chiropractic care! ”


“Even though I was very skeptical about chiropractic two friends encouraged me to try it. My lower back and hip pain was better in about four weeks. Dr. Carlson spent at least 5 to 10 minutes on education at each visit and I’m continuing with my assigned exercises and practicing the posture drills. I like the convenient (before work) hours and clean, clean office. You are great!”




"Every time that I have issues with my lower back, I call the Spine Center. The treatments I receive from Dr Croucher are OUTSTANDING. Mark explains all of the procedures so you can understand them. He is compassionate about your care and helping you. The front Office staff is always smiling and Greeting you as you walk in. You feel completely at ease."

Nov 20, 2018

"Dr. Carlson helped my neck and shoulder pain after 4-5 visits. I can move again! He was very informative and helpful. I wouldn't hesitate to return if needed."

      David Colberg,


“I could hardly move my neck and had pain in my right shoulder – but that was when I first went to Dr Croucher. I dance – it’s my soul food so I really needed the pain to go away and to have movement back. Well, I am back dancing up a storm thanks to Dr Croucher. His expertise and patience is remarkable. THANK YOU!!”

Tom Grummell

"My pain management doctor referred me to Dr. Carlson for lower back and right leg pain which was reduced immediately. He showed me a number of exercises to help build muscles and diet for weight control. Dr. Carlson is very knowledgeable and has a wonderful bedside manner that takes time to talk and listen to his patients."


"I highly recommend the Spine Center. When I arrived, I could scarcely walk. I was assessed, treatment began immediately and continued during the course of a week. Within a week's timeframe, I was walking with ease!! Thank you to the team at the Spine Center!!"  Oct 1, 2018

Sarah M.


"I am pleased with the results of my visits to the Spine Center. I have gotten a lot of relief from the pain I have had for many years."  Sep 23, 2018

Osteopath at Work

Marguerite Brown


"Your practice never keeps people waiting. That makes a big difference! In addition, what you do changes patients for the better promptly."   Aug 19, 2018

If you want to avoid surgery on your back, this is the place to go. Dr. Croucher is an amazing and caring physician.

The office and clinical staff are above reproach.  So, before you get surgery for muscles and bones, pay a visit here. I'm excited there is no surgery on the horizon for me and my pain level is decreasing steadily.

***** Great front office people. Dr. Croucher in ti... — Francine D.


Great front office people. Dr. Croucher in time with your body and your pain.

Feb 12, 2018


***** Extremely helpful — Leland N.


I am very happy with the treatment and the follow up--would recommend to everyone

Feb 4, 2018



**** I would rate the Spine Center of Wm'burg **** — Dolores W.


I would rate the Spine Center of Wm'burg ****

Jan 8, 2018



***** A Grateful Patient — Diane W.


*****  Well organized, anticipate questions, relieve pain — Julia H.


Well organized and anticipate questions. Instructions are clear. I needed coaching to control the pain and address multiple joint issues. After three sessions -- and a lot of ice packs! -- the pain is decreasing and I am moving confidently, rarely limping. Looking forward to understanding the larger issues and taking care of them as I age.

Dec 24, 2017



***** Very good service from the office staff to the ... — Rebecca M.


Very good service from the office staff to the professional staff! I feel that my concerns are always addressed and that I am not rushed in any way.

Dec 12, 2017


***** Excellent Help & Results — David S.


Dr Croucher is always spot on and effective in his treatment with good results.

Dec 4, 2017


***** I always get the help I need — Mish K.


I came in with sciatica and a numb/tingly right foot and now I am back to normal. I have seen Dr Croucher for several problems over the years. The front office staff is always friendly and helpful. Dr Croucher is always conversational and will explain everything he is doing and why. I always feel he really cares about my health and progress.

Dec 4, 2017



***** Do yourself a favor and check this place out — Susan B.


If you are in pain, do yourself a big favor and make an appointment at The Spine Center of Williamsburg. Everyone here...from Dr. Croucher to each member of his staff...truly want to help. Once you are evaluated, you are apprised of your problem and given a clear and specific plan to address it. In the two years I have been going as needed to this practice, they have helped me with L4 and L5 pain, arthritic pain in my hand, etc. Call them.

Nov 25, 2017


***** Dr. Croucher is really committed to my well bei... — Charles Z.


Dr. Croucher is really committed to my well being! Lynn and staff are always welcoming, efficient and courteous.

Nov 22, 2017


***** Overall approval of my first real experience with  — Thomas M.


I am very satisfied and appreciative of the help I am getting. The staff as well as the doctor are very pleasant and professional

Nov 20, 2017


***** Simply the best  — Andre M.


Dr. Croucher is the best!

Nov 15, 2017


***** Never have to wait! Office staff always cordia... — Robert S.


Never have to wait! Office staff always cordial!

Oct 23, 2017


***** I had an excellent experience at the Spine Cent... — Eric W.


I had an excellent experience at the Spine Center of Williamsburg. Dr. Croucher explained everything very well at every visit. The physical therapy and occasional manipulations were essential in healing the pinched nerve in my neck.

Oct 9, 2017



***** Dr Croucher is extremely knowledgeable — Mish K.


Dr Croucher is extremely knowledgeable, very personable, and good at what he does. I went to him for my neck and have had no trouble since. Now I am going to him because I have a pinched nerve giving me a tingly and slightly numb foot. I have been to him three times and it is much better already.

Sep 23, 2017



***** I feel that I am receiving the best care possib... — David C.


I feel that I am receiving the best care possible and I am optimistic that my back issues will ultimately be resolved.

Sep 23, 2017


***** What can I say about Dr. Mark Croucher? He is a... — Susan B.


What can I say about Dr. Mark Croucher? He is a veritable miracle worker. I had been suffering with lower back pain for more than 20 years due to a fall down a flight of stairs. A friend recommended I go see him and within less than a month my very bad back pain subsided to the point I no longer relied on over-the-counter drugs to dull the pan. Eventually I went from treatment into maintenance. Until one day when I was carrying groceries into my house I tripped over one of my dogs. A week later, I could hardly walk and the excruciating pain returned. Again, under Dr. Croucher's care I was quickly healed. Like I said...he's a miracle worker.

Aug 15, 2017



***** As usual great team and great care. Thank you f... — Lola F.


As usual great team and great care. Thank you for the many years that I have had receiving care at your practice.

Jun 28, 2017


 ***** — Janice P.


As always - professional and excellent service. Favorite provider of health services!

Jun 28, 2017


***** The staff was very nice when I went in. I was b... — Mark A.


The staff was very nice when I went in. I was brought right into a room. After a brief consultation I was started into a treatment. After 2 treatments I am moving much better.

May 30, 2017


*****  Excellent care and attention to patients — Joseph G.


I have been going to SCoW for many years and feel that Dr. Croucher and his staff are a rare breed of truly concerned medical people. Their respective knowledge and understanding of specific conditions always astounds me.

May 28, 2017


***** An efficient and effective chiropractic practice.. — Susan B.


I have used the expertise of chiropractors on and off for the last 25 years. Due to a fall, I found myself in need of their services once again. On the referral of a friend, I gave Dr. Mark Croucher a try. It may be the best decision I have made in a long time. The helpful and courteous staff got me an appointment immediately, and Dr. Croucher attended to my problem effectively. In a few weeks, my pain was gone. During a few follow-up treatments and a couple of maintenance appointments, my pain has not returned and I have gotten my life back.

May 23, 2017