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Dr. Croucher is a faculty member of the interdisciplinary committee for the North American Spine Society and has 30 years' experience in helping patients with painful spinal conditions. The goal of our practice is to empower you with evidence-based strategies that will help solve your spinal issues and return you to the lifestyle you deserve.  


The Spine Center of Williamsburg is an evidence-based chiropractic clinic committed to providing high quality, non-surgical spinal rehab and general musculoskeletal care.  Our office places a heavy focus on therapeutic exercise and modern manual therapy.  We treat patients with chronic and painful spinal conditions that are often associated with spinal degeneration and spinal stenosis. 

Our approach is recommended by current medical guidelines for non-operative treatment of back and neck pain and lumbar spinal stenosis. 


Chiropractic care shouldn't be scary.  With the many techniques used in modern manual therapy, there is NO NEED to perform “cracking and popping” of the spine.  

We strive to help our patients understand and manage their pain in order to live a more fullfilling life. 

Our Location:

The Spine Center of Williamsburg
219 McLaws Circle
Williamsburg, VA 23185

Phone: 757-259-1122

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"Hands down the best office I have worked with and been to. From the second they pick up the phone to the second you leave the door, they are amazing. Always so friendly, remember you personally, go the extra mile to accommodate you and work specifically on your needs. I would travel a distance to see this group."

Deborah A.

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X-Ray Results

At our office we maintain strong multidisciplinary relationships with multiple medical specialty groups in Williamsburg, the peninsula, VCU and UVA. This includes neurosurgery, orthopedics, neurology, physical therapy, pain management, rheumatology and primary physicians. Maintaining these referral relationships helps us to insure that our patients will receive the best care possible.  



We accept nearly all major insurance plans. 

At The Spine Center we participate fully with Medicare, Medicare replacement plans and most other insurance companies.  If you have questions about our fees or your coverage, give us a call.  We will be glad to verify your benefits and will answer ALL of your questions.

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